MOSAIC Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in serving with MOSAIC! We are always looking for students, faculty, staff, and community members to collaborate with. Please fill out the form below to volunteer for different opportunities MOSAIC has to offer. 
Observance Committees focus on large observances on campus. The committee members are focused on two large scale events during month long observances or activities for a day/week. Committee members are required to participate in meetings, organizing, promotions, and engage in the activities for the observance. Approximate length of service depends on the observance. 
Month long observances: 3-5 months
Week long observances: 1- 2 months
Day long observances: 1 month
If you would like to join a committee, please check which ones.
Currently, celebration committees consist of the Cultural Graduations. Right now, the Cultural Graduations include Black Graduation and Hispanic Graduation. 
These committees help plan a way to celebrate students joining the MOSAIC family or celebrating them as they complete their journey. 
Approximate length of service for each celebration is about 3 months.
If you would like to join a Celebration committee, please check which ones.
Advisory Committees. These groups meet quarterly to review campus climate and student needs, receive updates about departmental/university programs/services, and provide guidance to departmental staff regarding potential changes to current work.
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Inclusion Advocate Role. Inclusion advocates are actively involved in developing policy, practice and professional development programs (for faculty/staff) with a DEI lens.
**Inactive - S.T.A.N.D Council faculty/staff mentors. These mentors are another resource for the MOSAIC STAND Councils. They work closely with the Program Coordinator for MOSAIC as well as the STAND Council. If you are interested, please choose which council you would like to mentor. For more information on the STAND Councils, please click here.
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